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Therapeutic or Relaxation Massage

  •        If you are needing to relax or have a problem area to be treated with massage including some exercise or stretching homework, you have come to the right place. I also now have a massage chair if you aren't able to lay on your back or your stomach.  I can also do adaptive massage so you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment.                                                                                                   30 minutes - $58 

                               45 minutes - $75

                               60 minutes - $85                                                                             75 minutes - $105

                               90 minutes - $125

If booking in with the intent of using the massage chair, please put that in the comment/note section of the booking app so it will be set up and ready for you. Also please bring along a housecoat or button up shirt you can wear backwards during the treatment.


If you can't find a time that works for you or you need a specific time that isn't available, please message me at 306-527-7572 or email me at and I will try my best to accommodate both of us.

Working Hours




9:00am To 5:00pm



12:00pm To 7:00pm


9:00am To 5:00pm


12:00pm To 7:00pm



10:00am To 5:00pm

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