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About Me


Why come see me

I have worked in the health district for many years and enjoy helping others.  I am also interested in how the body works and find it very fascinating.  I want to help you live your life to the fullest and not have your body hold you back with aches and pains.  We all have busy lives and need a little TLC and I'm here to help you take care yourself.


Healthy Life

When you come see me I can show you how to change what you are doing that is potentially harming your body (IE: stretches or exercises to help with your posture throughout the day). 

Good For Body

Taking time to help alleviate the aches and pains you have creates a better over all balance between all your muscles and joints.  One spot creates a pull on one area which can cause a tug of war inside your body. The tug of war creates even more spots of pain, discomfort, headaches and more.

Free From Stress

A relaxation massage is a wonderful way to lower the stress levels and take your mind off the fast pace of every day life.  When you have a lot of stress it can cause aliments and pain not to mention headaches, and I would like to try reduce some of the stress you have.


You Owe Yourself this Moment

Book in for one of my relaxation or therapeutic massage sessions

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